REUNION for Veterans

Reconnect with those who are most trusted,  develop new friendships and support networks.

What? REUNION outreach program provides the opportunity for combat veterans to have a one-on-one reunion with a battle buddy.

Who? Combat Veterans and their Caregivers/Significant Others

When? January 8-12, 2025

Where? Reunion Resort, Kissimmee, Florida. 

Why? To connect and reunite combat veterans who use their common bonds to work through post-military struggles after combat action. To bring together their caregivers to offer peer support with the goal of increasing their hopefulness, skills, and knowledge. To provide access for veterans and caregivers to partner organizations’ resources. (Note: Caregiver attendance is not required.)

How? Combat veterans interested in a “golfing” reunion with a comrade should submit a completed Warrior Application Form by October 1st. Applications are reviewed by our REUNION committee and those who are selected to participate are notified by November 1st. (Note: A strong story of why a “Reunion” with a battle buddy would be meaningful enhances your opportunity to be selected to attend.)

A little more about what happens at REUNION:

  • Hosted in a secure and relaxing resort environment, participants not only reconnect with those who are most trusted, but also develop new friendships and support networks to help them heal, transition, grow, and thrive.
  • Throughout REUNION, warriors benefit from therapeutic time on the golf course and participate in a variety of helpful breakout sessions meant to support a healthy lifestyle. Caregivers enjoy time healing with other caregivers while discussing problem-solving, self-care techniques, resource sharing, and much more.
  • Participants share a villa with their comrade and caregiver (if attending). Each villa includes two or three separate bedrooms and bathrooms, a spacious dining/living space, and a full kitchen.
  • All expenses are paid except for travel to/from your airport, parking, food/meals while traveling and Friday night, and luggage fees.

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REUNION Outreach Program

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