Celebrating Milestones From Coast to Coast!

October 25, 2021

You may know a bit about the story of Tee It Up for the Troops from being involved in a tournament or two. However, you probably aren’t as aware of each event thread that has been carefully planned to create the tapestry of charity golf events that is seen across the country today. Tee It Up for the Troops is celebrating

Crystal Springs Golf Resort – Golf Fundraiser for Veterans 

June 2, 2021

September 3, 2021, will mark the 15th anniversary of the Tee It Up for the Troops Crystal Springs Golf Resort Event in Sussex County, New Jersey. Besides being a commemorative year of the event’s start, it will also be a remembrance of many special veterans lost, including Retired Brigadier General Elie Younes who has a

Turning Pain Into Purpose With The Help of a Veteran Support Organization

April 29, 2021

Although former Army Staff Sergeant Patrick Nelson experienced great loss while serving in the military, he also found a new sense of purpose and drive that is helping a veterans support organization.  “I don’t think I would be where I am today without Tee It Up for the Troops,” said Patrick. “This military fundraising organization

Multiply Your Donation With a Matching Gift 

March 6, 2021

Thousands of employers nationwide offer employees the opportunity to match their charitable gifts. Matching gift programs are one of the wisest ways to increase the value of your donation.Matching gifts are corporate philanthropy programs that reward employees’ charitable donations. Many corporations have matching gift programs and will match your donation to Tee It Up for