Operation Hometown Gratitude donation

From Gary Komaniecki, Operation Hometown Gratitude organizer: Your gift from Tee It Up For the Troops could not have come at a better time. As I look at our calendar, we are booked with groups through December 3rd. The goal of Operation Hometown Gratitude, with the help of all of these groups, is to send as many care packages as possible to our deployed troops and to give them a taste of home, no matter where  their hometown is. OHG has shipped over 14,000 care packages since December of 2005, and we could not do it without the help of organizations like Tee It Up For the Troops. I will conclude with a letter recently received by us from a chaplain’s assistant in Afghanistan:

Dear Students and faculty of Mayo High School:

My name is Sgt. Stephen Bonett and I am the Chaplain Assistant here at FOB Frontenac Afghanistan. I received and have been putting out all the wonderful, thoughtful and much needed items that you all sent. Thank you for all your donations, letters, pictures, support and prayers, they really mean a lot to us. On behalf of all of us here at FOB Frontenac, best wishes to you and your families and God bless you all. On a side note we currently have a Minnesota National Guard unit stationed here with us and they were very happy and proud to hear about your contributions.

Very Respectfully

Stephen Bonett

Sgt, USA

2d 2d Cavalry Regiment

Chaplain Assistant