This Imperial Veteran Give Back Hat, in partnership with Tee It Up for the Troops, is named for U.S. Veteran Jen Tregarthen.

Specialist Tregarthen enlisted in the Army from 2000-2004 as a Mental Health Counselor. Her first duty station was at Camp Casey in Korea, where she delivered support to the 2nd Infantry Division from 2001-2002. Her primary responsibility was to assist with the management and treatment of inpatient and outpatient mental health. It is here that she met her future husband, Mark. In 2003 she and Mark married and were deployed to Iraq.

Spec. Tregarthen served the 4th Infantry Division at Camp Packhorse in Tikrit where she offered debrief support for combat units and care for soldiers with post-traumatic stress.  In August of 2003, while at Camp Ironhorse, housed at one of Saddam Hussein’s Tikrit Palaces, she was involved in an attack on the compound and shot. Due to her injuries, she was airlifted to a nearby CASH and then to Germany. A few months later, she returned to complete her tour with the 4th FSB. Specialist Tregarthen was awarded the prestigious Purple Heart. 

Veteran Jen Tregarthen stands with a fellow veteran during a Tee It Up for the Troops opening ceremony.


More About the Jen Tregarthen Imperial Veteran Give Back Hat 

The Jen Tregarthen is an original small-fit performance cap from the Imperial Veteran Give Back Hat Collection.

This Hero’s Hat features:

  • Performance Polyester Fabric
  • Lightweight, Breathable, and Moisture Wicking
  • Small Fit Cap, Fits Sizes 6 3/4 – 7 1/8
  • Micro-Velcro Elastic Loop Closure with Garage Tuck- In

Explore the Give Back Hat Collection and say “thank you” to a veteran while sporting a hero’s hat. A portion of the proceeds from all sales will benefit Tee It Up for the Troops. There were 12 Tee It Up for the Troops combat veterans selected for this project who designed an Imperial golf hat in honor of their service. You can browse the collection, read these hero stories, and see their hat styles here: 

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