The Longest Day of Golf for the Troops

Golfing Under the Midnight Sun – Alaska’s Longest Day of Golf for the Troops




For the first time in Tee It Up for the Troop’s history, a Longest Day of Golf for the Troops Event took place in the state of Alaska!  As part of the 2024 Longest Day of Golf for Tee It Up for the Troops, one combat Marine veteran in Alaska played through the longest day yet!

Last month on June 6 marked the 80th Anniversary of D-Day and the US-led Allied invasion of Normandy in 1944, marking a deadly, yet pivotal day in world history, which marked the “beginning of the end of WWII” and is often referred to as “The Longest Day. Also a famous book and movie (starring John Wayne), “The Longest Day” honored those who fought for our freedom on D-Day. Thus, on the longest days of the year near the summer solstice, our Longest Day of Golf for the Troops event provides a unique opportunity to honor all those who have served and continue to sacrifice for our freedom.

Brian Schiller’s Longest Day Challenge on June 20th, took advantage of Alaska’s 20-plus hours of daylight so he could play as many holes as possible that day to raise awareness and funds to support the ongoing issues that many of our nation’s veterans and military families face.  Issues like homelessness, PTSD, employment, suicide prevention, and other invisible wounds of war.  Brian played 81 holes of golf during his Longest Day Challenge at Moose Run Golf Course on the Joint Military Base Elmendorf-Richardson, near Anchorage, Alaska. The Marine veteran dedicated the first 80 holes to the 80th Anniversary of “The Longest Day” D-Day Landing.  The 81st hole was dedicated to Chesty Puller, the most decorated U.S.  Marine in the history of the Corps. 

Combat Marine veteran Brian Schiller swinging his way through the Longest Day of Golf for the Troops in Alaska. 

Golfing under the midnight sun is one of the unique things you can only do in Alaska as it is daylight from 4 a.m. to midnight.  As you play a round…and another round… and another round, it’s easy to forget it’s midnight as it’s so bright outside. Brian describes the Alaskan golf course as having “stunning landscapes and chances for wildlife spotting.”  And sure enough, a bear encounter took place on the 12th hole of his second round.  See the picture below. 

A black bear showed up to cheer on Brian at Moose Run Golf Course, Alaska during the Longest Day for the Troops.
What a golf course looks like during the midnight sun in Alaska. Photo credit


“I have supported Tee It Up for the Troops for over 10 years due to my exposure to the outstanding work they do to support our nation’s heroes and their families,” said Marine veteran Brian Schiller.  “I have been able to witness and take part in many different activities and treatments that are designed to help promote healing and overcoming the physical and mental obstacles that are a result of selfless service to our country. Using golf as a platform is unique and extremely effective, therefore I am proud to support Tee It Up for the Troops. Having 20 hours of daylight provided the perfect opportunity for me to continue to support an organization I am proud of while experiencing the amazing and unique nature that is Alaska.”

“I  couldn’t have accomplished this without the support, logistical assistance, and camaraderie of the State Director of Alaska Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Bryan Fisher.  Director Fisher who is also a Marine. Director Fisher started and ended the day with me, golfing 45 of the 81 holes and was also the BEST caddie a guy could ask for,” added Brian.

Other Longest Day of Golf for the Troops Events Around the Country

This year there were several Longest Day of Golf for the Troops events held across the country. The Tee It Up for the Troops Bunker Hills Longest Day of Golf Event in Coon Rapids, Minnesota was held on June 21 and has been running for 11 consecutive years.  Several golfers played more than 100 holes with most of them starting at 4:15 a.m. and finishing around 9:45 p.m. Pat Reis, Event Chair of the Bunker Hills Longest Day of Golf for the Troops said, “Considering the weather forecast, the fact we had 33 golfers who played more than 2,100 holes and some sturdy golfers who played non-stop-from-4:15 a.m. to full darkness at almost 10 p.m., is remarkable.”  

Some of the golfers in the Bunker Hills Longest Day of Golf for the Troops.


Earlier this summer the Tee It Up for the Troops – Northern Bay Wisconsin Longest Day of Golf for the Troops event was held on June 10. Northern Bay Resort has been participating in the Longest Day event for five years.

Northern Bay Wisconsin – Longest Day of Golf for the Troops.

How to Get Involved in the Longest Day of Golf for the Troops

To participate in the Longest Day of Golf for the Troops golf fundraiser, each participant collects donations/pledges from friends, family, co-workers, club members, etc., and then plays as many holes of golf as possible on their chosen day to honor all those who serve(d).

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