Caregiver Support: How Tee It Up for the Troops Recognizes Caregivers

Family is an important aspect of any individual’s life, but they are even more important in the lives of veterans. For many veterans, the support that families and caregivers provide are essential for their transition back into civilian life. We at Tee It Up for the Troops strive to create opportunities and find assistance for veterans everywhere.

One pillar we support as an organization is family and caregiver support. Families and caregivers can be some of the best support systems for our veterans. Families and caregivers are heavily relied upon by their wounded veterans, thus they also need support. That’s why Tee It Up for the Troops works to help caregivers and families both through our signature REUNION Program and our charitable fundraising events.

Our REUNION program brings combat veterans who served with each other back together for five days of golfing and other activities. And it’s not just veterans who come to REUNION for this expenses-paid trip—we also invite the veterans’ caregivers. During these days, caregivers are given opportunities to meet with each other and share their own struggles, talk about self-care techniques, and share resources.

Tee It Up for the Troops also raises money throughout the country for charitable organizations that support the Family & Caregiver Support pillar of our mission. Some of these organizations include Blue Star Families and Hope For The Warriors. These organizations help us achieve our goal of assisting military families, wounded veterans and caregiver support systems.

Blue Star Families creates programs for caregivers and members to help make strong families even stronger. They believe caregiver support is important across all parts of military life from enlistment to veteran status. One thing that makes Blue-Star Families unique is that their team consists of military spouses and veterans. They believe having been in the situation helps them better understand and assist other veterans’ needs.

Another wonderful organization we partner with is the Hope For The Warriors. Hope For The Warriors provides programming and support services to caregivers of post-9/11 service members and veterans who have been physically or psychologically wounded due to combat. These caregivers can include: spouses/partners, adult children, parents, significant others, siblings, and friends.

To all the families and caregivers who support our nation’s veterans—THANK YOU! Your work is invaluable, meaningful, and deeply appreciated. Learn more about our REUNION Program and consider working with your vet to apply.