Celebrate Veterans Day and Month of the Military Family

While we celebrate Veterans Day and National Veterans and Military Families Month, we want to THANK our American veterans and their families for the tremendous sacrifices they have made. We recognize the blessings of freedom secured for us by your service, and we express our deep appreciation for you and your family!

Please stop and thank a veteran not only on Veterans Day but with every opportunity. We want all those who wear the uniform to know that we recognize and appreciate their strength and courage in fighting for our freedom, and we will keep fighting for our veterans and their families.

Our goals for Veterans Day are to bring awareness to the daily struggles our veterans and their families face. Your contributions and participation help to ease these burdens that so many of our veterans share.

Your charitable giving directly supports our programming at Tee It Up for the Troops and strengthens the pillars our organization is built upon:



Tee It Up for the Troops supports veterans year-round with golf events organized by communities around the country.

  • Our golf events are a great way to say THANK YOU to veterans by raising money for local and national veteran-focused charities.
  • Our golf events are a GREAT way for your business to become a partnering sponsor—or better yet, sponsor your own Tee It Up for the Troops golf event.
  • Our golf events create opportunities to meet our veterans and to hear their stories. These personal interactions change lives for the better.

We know firsthand how much a personal thank you to a veteran means. It means, “I see you. I recognize your sacrifice. Thank you.”

We also know firsthand that there is an incredible amount of work to do on behalf of our veterans—work that saves lives. During National Veterans and Military Families Month, we are asking you to help thank veterans through charitable giving and personal participation.

To get involved and help our veterans, work with Tee It for the Troops to volunteer at an event or even start your own event in your community. You can also donate directly to support our unique REUNION Program, which reunites combat veterans for four days of golf, healing, and relaxation with old comrades.

To all our military veterans and their families who sacrifice so much to keep our country safe and strong, THANK YOU!