Grant Recipient SPOTLIGHT: Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families builds communities that support military families by connecting research and data to programs and solutions, including career development tools, local community events for families, and caregiver support. Since its inception in 2009, Blue Star Families has engaged tens of thousands of volunteers and serves more than 1.5 million military family members.  Tee It Up for the Troops is proud to partner with Blue Star Families and support such important work.

Tee It Up for the Troops REUNION Outreach Program not only reunites combat veterans, it also includes activities specifically designed to help caregivers with their own well-being.

During Tee It Up for the Troops 2019 REUNION Program in Orlando, Florida, Blue Star Families staff designed and led two breakout sessions for caregivers. In the first session, they led participants through a workshop to create vision boards for the year ahead. This session started by having participants take a PsychArmor Institute course titled, “Self Care,” followed by meaningful discussion and a hands-on activity of creating vision boards focused on the caregiver’s individual health and wellness goals, career goals, and personal/family aspirations and/or goals. After the session, each participant received a caregiver binder of supplies and resources.

The second session focused on careers for caregivers and resources that are available to them but might not be known including the importance of networking, Blue Star Families online career portal and Spouseforce. Spouseforce is an exciting, new, online portal creating connections between military spouses, training partners and employers.

These sessions were impactful for the attending caregivers, as indicated in the following comments:
– “Blue Star Families were amazing!”
– “The best part was talking with other caregivers who “get it”, sharing resources and support for each other!”

Connecting with the caregivers was such an amazing experience,” said Erika Clark, Blue Star Families Careers Manager. “To hear stories of their journey and see their excitement during our sessions was an unbelievable experience. Blue Star Families was excited to be a part of this REUNION and help the caregivers focus on themselves.”

Vicky Perkins, Blue Star Families Solutions Manager and one of the leaders of the breakout sessions at REUNION, had this to say: “The REUNION was such a fantastic event to be a part of. I loved connecting with the caregivers during our sessions and hearing their personal stories. Their commitment to their spouse and to taking care of their families was very important and that showed in our discussions. I love that Tee It Up for the Troops offers an opportunity like REUNION for warriors to connect with comrades and battle buddies from all over the country that they may not have seen or talked to in years. The overall attitude was happiness and contentment. It was amazing, and I am glad that Blue Star Families was invited to lead two workshops where the caregivers could focus on themselves even for just a few short hours.”

Thank you, Erika, Vicky and the entire Blue Star Families team for leading these empowering sessions for caregivers at REUNION!

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