Tee It up for the Troops Honored at State Government Affairs Council

Jared Agnetti - Ashley Judd at SGAC
Mr and Mrs. Jared Agnetti with Ashley Judd

For the third year in a row, the State Government Affairs Council (SGAC) Foundation partnered with Tee It Up for the Troops, making a generous donation to our organization!

Wounded warrior Jared Agnetti and Tee It Up for the Troops president, Tim Wegscheid, were honored to speak at the conference, along with Hollywood actress Ashley Judd. Ms. Judd even purchased a Tee It Up for the Troops golf bag to show her support!

A Quick Glimpse of Our 2014 Charitable Golf Events

There’s still more than two months left in 2014 but we’re already overwhelmed by all the support and effort of our partners, organizers, participants, donors, sponsors, and especially all our military veterans and families. Putting on these special charitable golf events to help fund and support our disabled veterans takes much time and effort by our partners. We can’t express how deeply blessed we are to have so many people engage and support the mission of our organization.

Whether you’ve ever attended one of our special fundraising events or are an active participant or volunteer, we’ve put together this short video capturing the essence of some of our 2014 charitable golf events.

Remaining Golf Events in 2014 to Support Our Veterans

Tee It Up for the Troops – Mirasol – November 8, 2014

Tee It Up for the Troops – Addison Reserve – November 21, 2014

Tee It Up for the Troops – Tucson – December 6, 2014

Thanks again to all the people who make our golf fundraising events for disabled veterans a success and the military men and women who continue to protect our great nation!



Join Us at an August Tee It Up Event!

Tee It Up for the Troops August Golf Events

From Alaska to Illinois to California, 9 different golf courses and countless volunteers will host 9 different Tee It Up for the Troops golf events this August! Approximately 1600 sponsors will “step up to the tee” and join us in helping wounded veterans and their families to transition, grow, thrive and live.

At Tee It Up for the Troops, we believe in engaging communities through inspirational golf events to do great things on behalf of America’s military heroes.

We hope you will Join Us at one of our events this year! The needs of our veterans are greater than ever ~ Together, we make a difference!



Tee It Up for the Troops’ Work with Freedom Station Highlighted in Tee Times

Warrior Foundation – Freedom Stationfreedom station

A Major Beneficiary of Funds Raised at Golf Events by Tee It Up for the Troops

Tee It Up for the Troops is highlighted in the June edition of Tee Times Magazine. The article describes the fund raising activity performed by Tee It Up for the Troops for both national and local organizations who assist wounded, ill and injured warriors, along with their families, to make the transition to civilian life where they can grow and thrive. The focus of the article is on Freedom Station and Warrior Foundation that provide temporary housing and support to veterans and their families. Click here to view the article from Tee Times Magazine.


Tee it up for the Troops ~ Longest Day of Golf

Thank you for supporting our wounded and disabled veterans and their families during the “Longest Day of Golf for the Troops” on June 20.

“The Longest Day” was a famous book and movie (starring John Wayne) honoring those who fought for our freedom on D-Day (June 6, 1944). On Friday, June 20 (the longest day of the year), Bunker Hills Golf Club is hosting the Inaugural Longest Day of Golf for the Troops.

Up to twenty golfers will be Teeing It Up for the Troops at the crack of dawn, and playing until sundown to raise money for Tee It Up for the Troops and their partner charitable organizations serving the needs of fallen and disabled veterans and their families.

Jeff Locke, MN Vikings punter, who will be participating in the event said “Both my father and grandfather served in the military and I have a great appreciation for the sacrifices that all of our veterans and their families have made for our country. Last year, I was fortunate to have Josh Freeman donate $10,000 to the Minneapolis VA Medical Center as part of our deal to let him wear my jersey #12.

“This year, I hope to raise as much money as I can for this event to continue giving back and supporting veterans here in Minnesota and across the country.”

AJGA donates PING patriotic golf bags

Chris Dernick is passionate about maintaining the traditions of golf, this explains her commitment to the AJGA and the CB&I Boys Championship at Carlton Woods. Through the tournament, Dernick is also able to help out another group of people she loves, the Troops.

“One of the biggest things I have grown to appreciate is the opportunity we have to give back to the Troops. It is about the opportunity to show our appreciation for the sacrifices that they make,” Dernick said through tears. “I think it’s really important for us to provide those opportunities to our youth to realize the sacrifices people are making for them.”

We are grateful that Dernick has chosen to fulfill that passion for the Troops by working with PING and the AJGA to donate the golf bags used at the event to Tee it up for the Troops!

Tee it up for the Troops – SeaCliff, Huntington Beach, CA

The SeaCliff tournament is one of many tournaments providing an opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices made by our brave service men and women. Attendees include military families, fellow patriots, honored wounded warriors and active duty military guests. In addition to a great day of golf, incredible on-course food and drink, and a fabulous dinner banquet, guests and sponsors have the opportunity to view military displays and experience the thrill of a fly-over. This memorable event touches the hearts of all in attendance!

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Tee it up for the Troops – Alta Vista, St. Placentia, CA

In 2007, a dedicated group of members of Alta Vista Country Club committed themselves, their labor and their resources to the wounded warrior cause and conducted the Club’s Inaugural Tee it up for the Troops Golf Tournament. Over the last 7 years the Alta Vista tournament has been TIUFTT most successful single day / single venue event, raising to date some $900,000+.

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Filling the gap with an assistance dog from PawPADS

Meet Staff Sgt. Patrick Ziegler, a Fort Hood massacre survivor. Patrick was just moments away from being cleared to attend Officer Candidate School when he was shot in the head, shoulder, arm and hip.

November 5, 2009 was destined to change – forever – the lives of SSgt. Patrick Zeigler and Jessica Hansen. But not in the way they had planned! SSgt. Zeigler had just returned from his second combat deployment in Iraq and had returned 3 weeks ahead of his unit because he was set to begin Officer’s Candidate School. Later that fateful day he would receive his final Army enlisted separation clearance to leave Fort Hood, TX to head to Fort Benning, GA to begin school to become an Officer.

Then It Happened!

In a hailstorm of bullets, Nidal Malik Hasan, Army Major and psychiatrist turned radical Muslim terrorist, opened fire – killing 13 people and an unborn child as well as injuring 31 soldiers that were wearing the same uniform that he was wearing. With gunshots to his head, shoulder, forearm and hip and the last pints of precious blood were being pumped from his body through the massive head wounds, his first thought was to call his fiancée, Jessica. Initially, the first medic to reach him was told to sit with him until he died because they did not think his wounds were survivable. With so many people injured who required medical care, the medics had to make the difficult decisions of who to use vital resources on. However, he maintained consciousness and began talking to the medics and asking them to help him. Once they saw the fight Patrick had in him, they decided to give him a chance and they immediately began performing care on him and got him into an ambulance. He was one of the first victims to arrive at the hospital emergency room on Fort Hood and he perfectly described the shooter and the details of the scene before he lost consciousness and was airlifted to the trauma center for brain surgery. The bullet that entered his skull, shattered on impact and also shattered his bone, leaving his brain filled with bullet and bone fragments that caused near fatal bleeding. During surgery to save his life, 20-30% of his brain was actually removed. He was given less than a 5% chance of survival. Jessica remembers being told he would likely be left in a vegetative state and that I “should put him in a nursing home and move on”.

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Fast Forward To Today.12274400644_efb5cf331b_b-2
After enduring more than 10 brain surgeries, 4 of which resulted in life-threatening complications that set Patrick back and required he relearn basic skills, including how to walk, all over again he has begun living his life anew. With his wife, Jessica, who at the age of 22 made the decision to be a care giving wife the rest of her life, are the proud parents of an 18-month-old son, Liam.

About 4 months ago the Zeigler family, living in Rochester, MN had their lives changed once again – this time for the better!

Thanks to our supporters and PawPADS, Staff Sgt. Patrick Ziegler, his wife Jessica and son, Liam welcomed assistance dog Ranger to their home after Patrick and Ranger graduated from PawPADS assistance dog training.

This is just one of the many ways Tee It Up for the Troops fills the gap in the lives of these American heroes.

You can learn more about Patrick’s story from Tee Times Magazine.


12276512676_a5e18f9d7c_b-2-683x450Tee it up for the Troops, Inc. is a proud supporter of PawPADS. Seen in the picture to the left is our Chairman, Chuck Benson, presenting a $15,000 donation check to Linda Ball, Executive Director, PawPADS.